Francesco Paone was born in Catanzaro in 1973 he graduated in architecture design to address' University of Florence in 1999, after several professional experiences in different fields and sectors in which explores a variety of themes and architectural languages working with architectural firms and companies, in 2001 habilitate the exercise of the profession of architect and ordering the registration of Architects of the province of Catanzaro and become part of the study Paone Founded in 1970 which dealt mainly residential design diversifying and expanding the scope of intervention and the services offered, in 2002, in a perspective of development and improvement of services arises: SPA & D Studio Paone Architectural & Design and PAONE PROJECTS CONSTRUCTION Snc Engineering & Architectural Workgroup that from the very 'beginning is characterized by the methodological approach interdisciplinary combining and integrating services architecture and Engineering.

The various design themes are characterized by an extremely flexible design methodology, which works in synergy with the different disciplines from architectural design to the purely creative design of the single element, to the practical application of construction techniques and manufacturing.

The creativity and technical rigor have allowed the creation of several works on various scales from urban design to the creation of commercial space and format thinking of making use of them through the creation and development of the corporate image. The cultural interdisciplinary applied to different types of projects, the stylistic experimentation and attention to trends in society are the focus of professional activity.